Consultation FAQ

Consultation FAQ

Thank you for your responses so far to our consultation upon age range and admission changes at Meadowdale.

Q.1 When would this change be likely to take place and how will it affect my child in Year 5?

A.  All children currently on roll in Year 5, 6 and 7 will be guaranteed their place at Meadowdale until they leave at the end of Year 8.

Q.2 If the proposed changes go ahead, will my child in Year 6 attend until the end of Year 8?

A: Yes we want and hope that all children currently in Year 6 will continue their memorable learning journeys with us.

Q.3 What about the children already at Meadowdale will they have to apply for a place at high school earlier?

A: No they do not have to apply for an early high school place.

Q.4 Will my year 4 child, coming to your school in September 2019, have a place for the entire four years of middle school?

A: Yes all children transferring in September 2019 will be able to complete their four year learning journey with us.

Q.5 Will all current provisions be available for current pupils and those new in Yr 5 in 2019?

A: Yes all current provisions will be available for current pupils and those Yr 5 children joining our school from September 2019. If we do become a primary, we will recruit Early Years expertise to ensure excellence in education. All opportunities that we provide for all our pupils will be available as we are more than a school and aim to continue making every child’s experience happy, memorable and rewarding.

Q.6 Would Meadowdale Academy consider opening all years together?

A: It is not part of the current offer but it is something that we can consult with the DfE upon.