Our School

Our School

Our primary was built in 1977. It was originally designed to accommodate four classes in each year group with the addition of other specially equipped areas for ICT, Technology, Art, Science, Music and PE. We even have our own school radio station capable of broadcasting to every classroom.

Over the past two years we have transformed our school into a primary with carefully designed and equipped, bespoke, indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone.

Our school is a fully inclusive environment which has been altered to accommodate the needs of all pupils, including easy wheelchair access and movement around the whole school building. We are continually striving to update and modify our school building. We recently updated our  heating system throughout school, extended many of our classroom areas to include outdoor learning spaces and added a number of external doors to enrich learning experiences, in all year groups.

We have not one but two libraries, our ‘Fantastic Forest’ for keystage 1 and ‘Star Books’ for keystage 2. We have retained all of our specialist rooms to ensure that our children are high school ready by the time they leave our primary.

We are particularly fortunate to have extensive school grounds. Our large playing field enables us to offer a wide range of sporting activities and the hard court areas mean that tennis, netball and other activities requiring a hard surface can be catered for.

Our two forest schools offer a wealth of natural resources and experiences for children of all ages.

We strive to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment which will help children to learn and grow into confident, caring and thoughtful individuals.

We take great care to ensure that we provide a wide range of exciting learning experiences which will build on the skills and understanding fostered, as they move up through the year groups.

We aim to provide structured learning situations which continue and extend the development of the whole child, enabling every individual to reach their potential in school and beyond.