Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Year 7 Catch Up Funding


The Year 7 catch-Up premium funding was announced by School Minister David Laws on 11th November 2014.

Funding has been offered by the Government as a commitment to provide additional funding to schools. This is aimed at each Year 7 pupil who did not achieve at least a level 4 in reading and/or mathematics in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum (SATS) tests. The final figures have been calculated using the 2014 key stage 2 data and the Autumn 2014 school census data.

Our approach

Meadowdale Academy strives to attain the highest standards and we ensure that all students have equal access to learning and activities. We provide a wide range of ways to learn, to enable all students to take part fully in learning and to do their best.

The purpose of this funding is to enable Meadowdale Academy to deliver additional support, in Literacy and Numeracy.

The amount of grant received for 2015-16 was £4,500. (2014/15: £7,000)

Details of the current level of funding for 2016/17 academic year has yet to be released.

How our funding is used:

  • To broaden the functional Reading and Numeracy opportunities and experiences available to pupils.
  • To develop pupils’ functional ability in Reading and Numeracy so that they can better apply their skills beyond the school environment.
  • To enhance narrative and expressive language skills.
  • We provide weekly one-to-one tuition in literacy and numeracy with closely monitored targets.
  • We provide relevant training and opportunities for professional development for staff which will then impact upon teaching and learning
  • We source relevant resources to support teaching and learning intervention

How did this affect achievement?

Progress has been made for most pupils and we continue to monitor their attainment and progress in Year 8. In Maths and English intervention will continue to ensure that the pupils who did not achieve a level 4 in their SATS will be at expected standard for high school.

  • In English, an average gain of 4 standardised age points per student over the course of an academic year.
  • In Maths, an average gain of 1 standardised age point per student over the course of an academic year.