Every pupil is expected to wear our school uniform with pride. Make sure your uniform has your name inside it. Here is a reminder of what you will need:
  • Meadowdale sweatshirt
  • Meadowdale polo shirt
  • Trousers or skirt (black, smart) NO LEGGINGS
  • Smart black shoes


School shoes need to be sturdy enough to protect and support the foot. NO TRAINERS. Anyone waering trainers will be asked to attend lunchtime reflection.


The only jewellery which may be worn, in school, is a watch. No-one is allowed to wear earrings. If you want to get our ears pierced, you must do so over the summer holidays, not during term time.


Make-up is not to be worn in school and you will be asked to remove it. This also applies to nail polish.

Hair Styles

For Health and Safety reasons, pupils with longer hair will need to tie this back when involved in practical subjects. We expect hairstyles to be appropriate for school, and we discourage hair cuts and colours that are extreme. These includes tramlines, shaved patterns and mohicans.

Mobile Phones

We ask that pupils do not bring their mobile phones into school. If anyone is found with a phone, it will be confiscated and an adult at home will be asked to come into school to have it returned.


  • Meadowdale house t-shirt
  • Meadowdale sports ‘hoody’
  • Blue shorts
  • Blue long socks or white sports socks
  • Meadowdale tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers

Consequences to not respecting the uniform code are:

Any child wearing trainers will attend lunchtime reflection

Any child piercing their ears during term time or wearing earrings will be asked to remove them

Any child who chooses to have an extreme hair cut will be asked to shave the style out or be internally excluded at breaks and lunchtimes until it is grown out