iPad FAQs

 Will the iPads replace the use of Pen and Pencil in school?

No, the iPads will be used in and out of school to enrich the students learning and not be used to replace writing and drawing skills that are also needed.


 What happens if I do not join the iPad scheme?

Any students who do not join the scheme will be loaned an iPad for use during the school day. However, these devices are not able to be taken home, and will not belong to the students unlike the iPad scheme devices.


 Will the iPads be used in all lessons?

Meadowdale Academy will continue to invest in staff training to ensure the iPads are used in school. IPads will only be used in lessons where there is a clear benefit to using the device. Meadowdale Academy is committed to providing our students with the best possible opportunities. The iPads can be used in a variety of ways from simple research to more creative uses such as creating their own videos and music on the device.


 What happens if my iPad is broken?

Any accidental damage, theft or faults are covered through the warranty and insurance. If a problem occurs the device is returned to school and collected by Jigsaw24, the company Meadowdale Academy is working with to run the scheme. The iPad will be repaired or replaced in a maximum of 7 days, throughout this time an iPad will be loaned to the student for use during the school day.

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