Bedlington name new shopping development!

24th March 2017

With help from Meadowdale Academy, Bedlington chose it's name for the new retail centre which will become the heart of the town. Meadowdale helped out by being filmed voting for the name of the development. This footage will follow shortly.

Arch issued the following press statement:

Nearly 2900 votes have bead cast to name a new £10m retail centre in the heart of Bedlington in what is being described as a ‘ground breaking exercise in community participation’. The winning name was Pipers Place which picked up 947 votes followed by The Forge on 811, Market Square on 562 and The Cross 481.

It’s believed to be the first time a developer has consulted with the local people to name a major retail centre across the UK. It’s also said to be the largest example of Bedlington people getting involved in a local issue outside political elections. 

Ballot boxes toured local schools in Bedlingtonshire and were in local businesses, churches and care homes and thousands took advantage of the opportunity to cast their vote. The campaign involved the design of a local mascot ‘Bedlington Ben’ and included stickers and posters, all designed by young people involved through Leading Link youth charity. The count of the votes was overseen by the Town Clerk of West Bedlington Town Council as an independent adjudicator and involved dozens of young people.

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